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Getting the Best Out of Your Data

According to a recent European survey by top Data Specialist firms, almost 50% of businesses are now actively engaging in adding data analysts to their businesses in order to get the best out of their data. Due to the explosive growth of big data emerging through Social Media and other online portals, more and more […]... (Read more)

24th Nov 14’

Is Your Data Increasing Sales?

Today’s high-tech environment has changed the face of how we do business. Peer-to-peer influence has become almost instant and consumers have access to incredible varieties of products and services that are literally at their fingertips. Retailers all over the world now have the opportunity to better understand consumer purchasing habits, lifestyle preferences and can even […]... (Read more)

12th Nov 14’

Social Media Data – Another Fad?

Over the last decade, the rise of Social Media platforms have caused a shift in human communication patterns that has resulted in huge amounts of personal data becoming available to the public. This data has largely come about through personal sharing of information across a vast array of Social Networks including Facebook, Craigslist, Twitter, LinkedIn, […]... (Read more)

29th Oct 14’

Good Data Supplier Vs Bad Data Supplier

There are millions of businesses currently trading daily across the UK. Every single one of them requires information to run their operations. Without information they do not know where to get their supplies from and they are not aware of who to sell to. The specific information that companies need demands accuracy, without it they […]... (Read more)

20th Jun 14’

Madison Chase Embrace ICO and UK Mobile Operator Spam Initiatives

As one of the top UK Data specialist suppliers we are one of the forerunners in up-to-date data distribution to businesses all over the United Kingdom. Our operations and mission statement take a professional stance against spam and inaccurate data usage by companies.  The new initiative by mobile carriers and the Information Commissioners Office line […]... (Read more)

17th Jun 14’

Packaged Accounts: Consumers Are Fighting Back!

Madison Chase provides an insight into mis-sold packaged bank accounts and what customers can do to protect themselves and claim their money back. Incorrect data communicated to banking customers by banking staff have lured customers into purchasing banks accounts they never needed.  Today’s economic climate has become more competitive than ever. More and more businesses […]... (Read more)

16th Jun 14’

Pensions: The Potential of Underperformance

It is difficult to talk about pensions without talking about life-expectancy. Although it is impossible to determine how long a person can live, due to natural and technological advances, actuaries can predict averages based upon demographics, geographical location and gender.  With a variety of pension schemes on offer, how do you go about selecting the […]... (Read more)

4th Jun 14’

Knowing Where You Stand: Madison Chase Transparency

Businesses today now more than ever require a reliable, ever-ready and transparent supply of data. Selecting the right company for the job can be a time-consuming and selective process. Madison Chase houses a systematic process that engages our clients through a mutli-step sales process. Understanding your business needs is paramount for a successful outcome to […]... (Read more)

4th Jun 14’

Data Cleaning: Get More from Your Marketing Budget

Everyday companies are wasting money by using marketing campaign lists that are out of date. Businesses are effectively leaving money on the table. This can also develop a negative mindset when acquiring specific data from data specialists. Our high quality data specialist team at Madison Chase has perfected the data-cleaning process. Our new service will […]... (Read more)

4th Jun 14’

Data Profiling: The Importance of Knowing Your Customer

It is true that without customers you have no business; however is it enough just to have customers? Knowing your customer is becoming more of a focus in this digital age we live in. With competition looming and increased access to products and services through technology based platforms, the art of knowing your customer is […]... (Read more)

4th Jun 14’

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