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Quality Control

Madison Chase has ready-made connections and a carefully selected network of specialist data providers, so you can focus on your sales. We already work with market-leading brands in Finance, Retail and a number of household names in the Lifestyle sector so you know you’ll get a world-class service. We do not just provide data – we dissect and analyse it. Our attention to detail enables us to provide you with reliable data that you can build on. Our data is managed using the various processes below.

  • Accuracy

    List Cleansing

    This ensures you don’t waste time on dead or cold records, and makes sure the regulators don’t come knocking. We clean and manage our data using all industry type suppression files such as PAF validation, TPS, goneaways, NCOA and Mortascreen. This keeps our lists compliant with the current Information Commissioner’s Office guidelines and ensures that you have up-to-date information.

  • Phone Number Verification

    Phone Number Verification

    The landline and mobile telephone data that we provide is validated every month. That means our partners process more than 40 million telephone numbers to ensure they are live, as well as verifying network providers and other information. HLR verification is one of many tools used to ensure that you don’t waste time and money.

  • Due Diligence

    Due Diligence

    Every record has a specific opt-in feature that allows a third-party to contact them for marketing purposes. Crucially, the data that we supply is full traceability, with a time, date and source. This prevents any problems with the ICO (Information Commission Office) and provides peace of mind for you. In the rare event there is a complaint, Madison Chase has a dedicated compliance team that will deal with it and reveal where the information came from, as well as showing you and your prospect how it can be removed from public records.

  • Credit and Affordability Scoring

    Credit & Affordability Scoring

    Our partners can cross-reference records with any known credit scores so you don’t waste time and money contacting leads that simply cannot afford your service.

  • Regular Updates

    Regular Updates

    Like any living thing, data is not static, it changes on a daily basis because it’s not just names and numbers on a spread sheet – it is real people living in the real world. In order to keep up to date, the data is constantly monitored and cleaned using the latest suppression software, so you don’t have to worry about getting a batch full of dead or inaccurate records.

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