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Clean Your Data

Our Data Cleansing service enables you to keep your lists up-to-date, ICO compliant and fighting fit.


With the help of the latest industry suppression services, Madison Chase can help you clean your data lists quickly and efficiently. You won’t waste time chasing dead leads and instead, you can focus your efforts on quality data without worrying about regulatory compliance.


The data cleansing process, which is also known as ‘Data cleansing’ or ‘Data Scrubbing”, involves batch processing thousands, even millions of contact details. With the assistance of our data cleaning specialist partners, we check your data against the latest entries and mailing files and correct or remove data that is inaccurate or out-of-date.



What is a data cleanse/data cleansing?


Consumer data decays at an astonishing rate, so it’s essential to regularly clean your list if you want to maintain the integrity and quality of your data. It takes time and money to contact prospects on your list, so keeping your list clean and up-to-date is an easy way to make savings in your marketing budget.


It is also critical to keep a clean list in order to comply with the Information Commissioner’s Office guidelines and the Data Protection Act. Consumers can register their details at any point and you can incur draconian fines if you continue to contact them.



How can data cleaning benefit my business?


An old list means you’ll throw money away in wasted communication efforts, in the worst cases, hard work and effort will simply be ignored. A clean list will prevent you contacting those that have recently passed away, moved house after a divorce or other changes in their circumstances. This prevents embarrassment, customer distress and damage to your brand.



Data cleansing tools and enhancement techniques


A clean list is best practice and will improve customer response rates. It also opens up new opportunities to match additional data as your newly corrected list offers new correlations with your other consumer information. Working closely with our data cleaning partners, we use a variety of tools and techniques to ensure we give you the cleanest data possible.



Clean Your Data Service


Please select a service from the list below to read more about it.


PAF Validation

The Postcode Address File (PAF) contains every postal address in the UK. It contains more than 28 million addresses, complete with postcodes, and covers consumers, businesses and other organisations. The Royal Mail curates the list and updates it quarterly. Regular checks against the PAF reduces mail wastage, saves money and ensures the highest possible response.

NCOA - Royal Mail

The Royal Mail provides the National Change of Address file to ensure that mail is delivered to the intended recipient wherever possible. The Royal Mail provides redirection details and both the old and new addresses dating back to 1994.

Residency Verification

Clean-Your-Data checks every name and address against Madison Chase’s consumer database. Before any campaign you can verify that a customer is still at the registered address by checking against the Electoral Roll, information from a broad spectrum of partners and the UK’s biggest consumer database that contains more than 40 million potential customers.


Duplicate entries cost time and money. Clean-Your-Data removes duplicates from a database or mailing list cleanly and efficiently. You can specify the level of deduplication to ensure that only one item is mailed to each household, for instance, which can produce significant savings on print, production and postage.


The Telephone Preference Service allows individual consumers to opt out of direct marketing calls with the Direct Marketing Association. 28 days after a consumer registers with the DMA, no company can legally contact them and fines of up to £5000 can be issued by the ICO.


The Mailing Preference Service was established in 1983. Once individuals register with this service it is your responsibility to ensure they do not receive mail. Clean-Your-Data provides peace of mind as consistent contact with those that have registered could incur a fine from the Information Commissioner’s Office.

MPS Original – The original MPS file held at household level. This file was frozen as of September 2007, and new names are now added to the Personal file

MPS Personal – All new registrations are added to this file, details are held at an individual level. It is used in conjunction with MPS Original and is updated monthly.

Once registered, an individual remains on the list for five years. They must then re-register for a further term.

Baby MPS - DMA

The Baby MPS was launched in May 2002. Parents who have lost a child through miscarriage or subsequent bereavement could be severely distressed by baby-related marketing activities. This file is updated constantly and Clean-Your-Data can ensure that there are no problems in this highly sensitive area.

Consumer Suppression File

The User Suppression File allows us to screen your list against your own ‘Do Not Mail’ list or other items. Multiple files can be uploaded and screened against each other to refine your list according to your set criteria.

CCJ, Bankruptcy & IVA Suppression

Data in the public domain on County Court Judgements (CCJs), Bankruptcies (BAIs) and Individual Voluntary Arrangements (IVAs) can be used to remove individuals with a history of bad debt. This file contains more than 4 million individuals and 5.1 million records sourced from The Registry Trust in a file that is updated monthly.

Deceased Screening

Madison Chase can cross check your data and mailing lists against industry-leading Deceased files, which can prevent consumer distress and damage to your brand.

Clean-Your-Data employs the following lists:

TBR – Relatives register a passing in the family with the Bereavement Register.
Mortascreen – the UK’s most effective deceased suppression file.
The Deceased File – This comprises over 2 million records and is updated monthly.

Goneaway Screening

Many people simply move and it’s essential to keep your list up-to-date to save wasting money and resources trying to contact them.

Madison Chase uses the following industry-leading Goneaway files:

GAS – The Gone-Away Suppression file is made up of confirmed gone-aways.
Purity – Acxiom Purity contains 13.1 million confirmed goneaways.
NCOA Suppress – The National Change of Address file, which allows us to suppress the old address and prevent duplication.

Contact Details and Salutation Generation

Personalise your mail for maximum impact, with the customer’s name where possible. If there is insufficient information, a default salutation can be employed and then manually amended if required. In an age where consumers instinctively tune of generic communication, the ability to personalise your message is more important than ever.

Email Validation

Clean-Your-Data checks the email addresses in your file to ensure that they are correctly structured, or flagged for correction, to ensure you don’t lose customers.

Salacious Word Screening

Offensive and inappropriate words sometimes slip into mailing lists, but Clean-Your-Data checks all fields to prevent this potentially damaging issue.

Nearest Location & Drivetime Appending

Madison Chase can append the name and postcode of your prospect’s nearest store or branch, as well as the distance and directions, to every communication. This helps you personalise your message and drive customers towards the sale. You can choose the locations you wish to include for each communication and can employ multiple lists.

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