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How is your data gathered?

Our data partners gather their data from various data sources ranging from the traditional edited electoral role, online comparison sites and affiliate networks, insurance data (such as failed insurance quotes or lapsed customer policies,) online retail and travel transactions and on/off line surveys such as Yougov.

How is the data cleaned?

Every month, large amounts of consumer records are collated by our various independent suppliers who use this fresh data to enhance their existing database, whilst expired and dead data records are removed.


Our data partners also use fresh data feeds from BT OSIS, Royal Mail, National Change of Address register (NCOA), TPS, GAS Reactive service, Purity from Acxiom (Gone-a-way), Mortascreen and TBR which enable them to stay abreast of any changes to individual consumer information.

How often is the data cleaned?

It varies from one partner to the next depending on the type of data and the system employed by that specific data supplier. We insist that all data is cleaned on a 28-day cycle at least but some will clean on a weekly or even 48hr basis depending on the expiry rate of the data. We also insist that every record is TPS checked within 24 hours before output.

Can you provide exclusive data?

Yes. We can offer exclusive data that will not be supplied to another client in a related sector within a 3 month period of your purchase. We also supply non-exclusive data depending on the requirement and the budget of the client.

How many times can I use the data?

We supply our data on a single or multiple-use license depending on your requirement. Please contact us to discuss your specific requirement so we can provide you with the best possible rates.

How long do you take to deliver the data?

Data is usually delivered within 48 hours after confirmation of received funds although we can offer a same day turn around in some instances.

How is the data delivered?

The data will be delivered in a password protected Excel or CSV file using a secure online file sharing service.

Do you own your own data?

No. We are a specialist data brokerage and as such, we are able to offer impartial advice on the best data source to use for your specific requirement. Given our relationships with our network of suppliers and our buying power, we are able to negotiate the best rates and pass the savings on to you.

Who do I deal with is there is an issue with the data?

As your data broker, we assume full responsibility and ownership regarding any service or product supplied by Madison Chase. This is something that we pride ourselves on and has been fundamental in establishing Madison Chase as a reputable data broker within the marketplace.

Do you charge for your Data Audit Report?

No, the Data Audit Report is a free service that we provide. We only charge for the data should you choose to go ahead and place an order but this is entirely up to you.

What guarantees do you offer with your Data Appending Service?

We offer to replace any dead, incorrect or duplicate records that may occur.


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  • Replacement on 'out of criteria' data
  • Full data analysis to improve conversion
  • Samples available
  • Exclusive data and lead supply available
  • Flexible payment Terms offered
  • 24hr Delivery including Saturdays


  • Over 40 million UK consumer records
  • Over 3.9 million UK business contacts
  • Geographical locations, D.O.B, income
  • Key job roles and industry sectors
  • Tel, Mobile and email available
  • TPS/HLR checked before delivery